Tadgh Wagstaff
Hi, I'm Tadgh!

I'm a researcher, designer and developer who creates user-focused solutions to diverse problems.

I have years of experience working in IT and the academia. Check out the projects below to see some of my work!

Roundstone Labs
Roundstone Labs combines design thinking, exotic technologies and user testing to design and develop cutting edge audio hardware. We're undergoing research at the moment, stay tuned for our official Website.
The Moral Teachings Project
The Moral Teachings Project is an interdisciplinary project which challenges the typical and outdated format of digital editions through user-centric, interactive design.
Computus.App is an interdisciplinary project which provides learners with access to a range of tables and algorithms for the computation of easter.
The Virtual Galleria
The Virtual Galleria is a sumptuous hall of tasteful fountains and neon glow shrouded in the mists of time.