Tadgh Wagstaff
About The Moral Teachings Project

The Enseignemens Moraux (The Moral Teachings) is a poem of 113 quatrains written by Christine de Pizan at the end of 1398 or shortly after. It concerns itself with a wide variety of social ranks and ages, from craftsmen to rulers, old men and young and like much of her writing, it offering readers a vibrant picture of society at the turn of the 15th century.

This interdisciplinary project aims to bring Les Enseignemens to life in a digital form, and challenge the typical format of a digital edition through user-centric, interactive design.

The Moral Teachings project addresses a number of problems consistently found in digital editions of texts created in academic settings. In my dissertation I established that the vast majority of digital editions suffer from severe usability and accessibility issues, which could be easily avoided with the application of rudimentary user testing and by following accessibility guidelines. The Moral Teachings Project is a practical example of how those recommendations can be applied to create a vastly superior digital edition, and is currently being considered as the basis for a larger platform.

The Moral Teachings Project is currently in version 1.0. and has just launched. In the future, we will be experimenting with the creation of an API and mobile mode.

The Moral Teachings project was designed and created by Tadgh Wagstaff; the translation, analysis, and marginalia therein were written by Francesca Lundvall.